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Trish Lynch trish at bsdunix.net
Fri Dec 21 21:20:56 EST 2007

Jesus, Miles,

Who pissed in your cheerios? Every time I've seen you post about something that is opinion based - you use offensive, bitter, nasty language and insult others for their success with somethinjg, or their use of a different tool than you.

You would almost think that you're just jealous of "Apple" or "T-Mobile"'s success - did you fail at something? Fail really bad? And blaming it on the success stories? Are you one of those that wants everything regulated to be "fair" - because the world owes you something because youu've been beaten by it every time?

Well - its getting old. Grow up Miles, take your lumps. Some people actually DO get use out of our tools - the ones you see as toys - and get more use than most power users - because we can write a J2ME app that runs on our Blackberries or iPhones or Treos. Or are you just jealous because you don't have one?

Either way, you come off as a child throwing a temper tantrum, not someone with an intelligent argument. Why not have solid intelligent and useful facts to back up your aguments, not rants that make you sound like you need counseling.

-Siobhan Patricia Lynch
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>>>>> "n" == nikolai  <nikolai at fetissov.org> writes:

     n> Even started using sms :)

oh, yeah great, SMS.

AFAICT most of this new wave of tools is geek-proof, in that it's so
locked down you won't get more out of the device than any teenage girl
or retired model train hobbyist.  These two classes of people also
talk about the virtues and failings of their electronic tools on their
little mailing lists and AOL chat rooms, too.  What's so sad for me is
seeing us talk about the tools in exactly the same way they do.

We've been successfully mainstreamed.  We're part of the herd.  When I
was in college, I taught my girlfriend to use ytalk, and she loved it.
Now, I'm being asked by the guy that used to run a BBS with me, please
use (unencrypted, logged) AIM because jabber and irc don't work
conveniently from his Sidekick.  Our study/talent/specialty counts for
nothing.  and it never will---go ahead, make something new, and you'll
be frozen out.  Apple and T-Mobile already own everyone's fingers.  If
you want to actually use the snazzy new app or protocol you designed,
go back to school and get an MBA, because you're not going to get it
onto anyone's thumbs without some serious business negotiation.

And we trade it away so motherfucking cheaply.  That's what disgusts
me the most---these sniveling apologies.

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