[nycbug-talk] Fw: Extreme mobile BSD

Josh McCormack joshmccormack at travelersdiary.com
Fri Dec 21 23:14:45 EST 2007

On Dec 21, 2007 9:31 PM, Miles Nordin <carton at ivy.net> wrote:
> >>>>> "tl" == =?utf-8?B?VHJpc2ggTHluY2g=?=  <utf-8> writes:
> My complaint is that Miles can't goof around with free, open tools as
> well as he used to because RIM, T-Mobile and Apple have lured his
> friends (who also like to goof around with free, open tools) onto
> closed platforms, and thus maybe Miles and said friends would benefit
> from some introspection.  Said friends haven't ``succeeded'', only
> Apple, RIM, and T-Mobile.

Thought I'd share something. I use a Blackberry 8800, which I love
dearly. I bought the IM program IM+, with which I can connect to Yahoo
IM, AIM, MSN, GTalk and others I don't even use. Really cool. I also
yesterday installed Ubuntu to try it out and in a very brief time got
over the air sync'ing of my contacts working via syncevolution and
funambol, which are free. In my desire to get off of Windows I was all
set to set up a "Windows appliance" - a Windows machine just for
special purposes like getting data on and off my Blackberry.

I was seduced into trying Ubuntu for the ease of getting going fast
and with minimal skills required, but it's hiccuping a bit here and
there, I think because I'm on a dual AMD64 and that's just not it's
target, and Linux distros in general seem to fly fairly loose with
their releases. Just thought I'd share. :)


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