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Thanks Dan.

 Yes. That's entirely the problem, there aere better ways to say things than tell people they are stupid for owning a piece of technology they get some use out of, and yes, I am all for people's business success, capitalism, and I have no issues with platforms that are closed and have tools and appllications that protect their bottom line, profits and intellectual property rights. Hell the BSD way is to encourage intellectual property and profits. You (in general)  want socialism and communism, try Linux and HURD.

Honestly - yes I am a Libertarian and Objectivist, but rants liike yours (Miles) come out to people who aren't staunch capitalists like I am as if you're a crazy socialist zealot. Short of that it comes off like a child who didn't get what they wanted and is biitter about it.

Now the J2ME thing - I have no issues with RIM and writing my own J2ME apps and running them there. Admittedly they are small things like making queries to websites and reporting back specific information- but RIM and AT&T have no bar to running third party or "no-party" apps (ie. It runs unsigned J2ME apps, and even ones that are open source like "LJ2ME", a livejournal client. And even midpssh. So - RIM is pretty decent.

But seriously - if they had something useful that worked and was the right tool for the job I'd use it - patented, closed, expensive and useful. - and smartphones for me have been useful, and not as closed as you think (at least the Palm and the Blackberries - the Sidekick and other types I except are less useful to me because of the lack of ab ility to run midlets and j2me apps.)

But yelling at the world and calling them stupid and saying things about "sniveling apologies" and that "Apple and T-Mobile own everyone's fingers" is just sour apples and nastiness, and its not the first time Miles has ranted like this, and implied that everyone else is stupid for disagreeing.

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Miles Nordin > I guess I'm happy to be making people a little
enthusiastic, but
> obviously I'd rather it weren't in exactly this way.  I really need to
> be able to state an unpopular, on-topic view without being attacked as
> above, though.  What the hell was that?  At absolute worst, I
> (_without_ even calling you out personally!) insulted your _choice of
> celfone_.  This is crazy retaliation, so knock-it-off-plz, sorry did
> not mean to insult you personally so much as suggest we might resist
> Apple, T-Mobile, RIM a little better, no apology necessary.

It's not what you said.

It's how it was said.

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