[nycbug-talk] HFS+ in FreeBSD

David Lawson dave at donnerjack.com
Thu Jan 25 23:59:24 EST 2007

> I almost bought one recently, but they are insanely pricey at  
> NewEgg if you want Firewire+SATA.

That surprises me, actually, I've gotten some nice, cheap enclosures  
there, but they've all been IDE.  Bummer.  MacMall maybe?  Their  
prices kind of suck, but they have the occasional good deal.

> Now I do have a spare drive, a spare enclosure...  I wonder what  
> would happen if I dd'd from the Mac drive to another?  I would  
> assume that would copy the partition table and everything...  and  
> then I could plug that copy of the sata drive into the MBP...  Hmmm.

Yeah, dd would copy the partition table and everything.  I _think_,  
and I'm relying on a couple year old memory, that you might end up  
with a bunch of unpartitioned free space at the end of the drive,  
depending on the size mismatch.  Also depends on how HFS lays out and  
defines its partitions and all that fun stuff.

> I see there (was?) HFS support for 5.x, but I think the patches are  
> way too old to work against 6.2.  Oddly enough there is geom_apple  
> to read the partition table, but I'm not finding any support for  
> actually mounting.  I only need read-only.

Wow.  Yeah, looks like there was a very basic implementation based on  
the Darwin code in 5.3, but it hasn't been ported up.  No joy in Net  
or Open that's particularly current, either.  Man, that's kind of  
surprising, really.


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