[nycbug-talk] HFS+ in FreeBSD

Miles Nordin carton at Ivy.NET
Fri Jan 26 11:16:32 EST 2007

>>>>> "dl" == David Lawson <dave at donnerjack.com> writes:

    dl> USB/FW drive with a SATA connector.

don't get cases based on the Prolific PL-3705

 (scroll down to 'update: 2006-11-04')

The chip has at least two bugs.  The first causes more than one case
on the same bus to not work.  The second causes the case to crash
randomly and need to be power cycled.  You'll see the bugs reported
all over the Interweb, usually by Windows ExPee users who suffered
massive filesystem corruption from repeated case crashes.  The bugs do
exist in the latest firmware.  Many USB+FW cases are based on this
chip, including the USB+FW->SATA 'Coolmax CD-311' case I got on

If you want Firewire to SATA to work, you will need to get a
SATA-to-PATA board (search for 'JMicron JM20330' and you will find a
bunch in Yahoo! stores for $15).  The same chip can convert PATA
drives to SATA, or convert SATA drives to PATA, depending on how it's
wired onto the product's circuit board.  The chips are dual-direction,
not the finished products.  Then get the usual Oxford 911
PATA-to-Firewire bridge.  This is still hands-down the best and most
stable protocol converter.  They kept the same model number that got
them a good reputation like eight years ago, but of course the chip
itself is much changed.  Any chip but this one is slow or

Firewire cases are fine for this debugging/temporary stuff but are not
a good way to build arrays because 'smartctl' commands won't pass
through the bridge, among other things.  (do you trust it to implement
write barriers properly?)  My latest attempt is using Linux's IET
(iSCSI Enterprise Target).  There is also an iSCSI target in NetBSD,
but I need Via ACE crypto-acceleration support for the crypt-o-disk.
NetBSD-current has Via ACE support, and also good crypto-disk support
(real block device backing, not files like OpenBSD), but one feature
does not work together with the other, so stfu don't tell me YOU
SHOULD BE USING BSD!  kthx, I wish I could.  so...i'll let you know
when I run into more catastropies with iSCSI.  so far so good.

doesn't the hfsutils userland package support HFS+?
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