[nycbug-talk] Enterprise BSD Success / Failure Stories

Steven Kreuzer skreuzer at f2o.org
Thu Mar 15 12:16:51 EDT 2007


For an upcoming NYCBUG meeting, we would like to find a few people  
with stories of running BSD in production. Have you ever either  
replaced an existing solution with BSD, or were forced to replace a  
BSD solution? For instance, replacing a commercial load balancing  
product with two openbsd machines running carp, replacing some  
blackbox spam filter with spamd or having to migrate to Linux because  
MySQL underperforms on FreeBSD.

The overall goal of the talk would not be so much of a "this is how  
we setup spamd", but more along the lines of these are the real world  
actual results of running spamd in production. The talk would outline  
the issues they were having with the existing solution, migration  
paths they evaluated and the results of those evaluations and how  
their current solution is performing.

If you have a story to share and would like to give a presentation of  
your experience, please send us a short description of what happened  
to admin at nycbug.org. We are hoping to find 3 or 4 people.



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