[nycbug-talk] IPv6 Followup

Miles Nordin carton at Ivy.NET
Mon Nov 12 19:37:59 EST 2007

>>>>> "ap" == Alex Pilosov <alex at pilosoft.com> writes:

    >> * They don't want filesharing to work without setting up
    >> complicated port-mapping mumbo jumbo?  (probably more the cable
    >> company than the phone company though)
    ap> What does that have to do with v6.  I don't think any
    ap> filesharing protocols are v6-enabled anyway ;)

with v6 AOLeet users don't need to add a port-mapping to their Linksys
box or use uPNP or any of that complicated stuff.  There's no NAT, so
it just works.

    >> * They're afraid of a plug-in ``hosting appliance?''
    ap> What does that have to do with v6.

plenty of static global addresses in every home make a market for
idiotproof cheapo hosting appliances that doesn't exist now.  like,
instead of buying shared hosting packages with the rickety PHP
blogware you like preinstalled, you can buy a plastic box that has
this blog running inside it, and plug it into your home LAN.  In fact,
you can buy ten of these wall-wart-powered fanless $100 boxes, each
running a different PHP blogocrapplet or webmail-in-a-box, assign
different FQDN's to each of them, and rope them all together with
crude HTML.  When the blog skin goes out of fashion, or when FLASH 11
comes out with support for blinking DRM videos or whatever these
people desperately want next, you throw the old one in the garbage and
buy a new one, like celfones, another sorta costume-jewelry-like
thing.  Each PHPcrapplet/appliance can be reflashed, reset, wiped,
unplugged, moved to a friend's house, separately, by the user, using
drills and hammers and big red buttons and other tools with which
they're familiar.  With v4, this sort of thing is impossible.

    >> * They want to mediate your communication by making sure
    >> everyone meets each other on some web ``property'', youtube,
    >> itunes, myspace, iDisk.mac.com, gmail---no direct communication
    >> between houses?
    ap> What does that have to do with v6.

with static global addresses, IM clients don't need a central server
any more.  gaim can include a built-in jabber server.

    >>  * They have long-term plans to move your data off your
    >> computers and onto theirs, and then rent it back to you?
    ap> What does that have to do with v6.

with static global address at home, you can mount your home drives
from elsewhere.

without it, you need various idisks and ``extranets''.  AOLeet people
often email things to themselves so they can download it from a
friend's house, because they have no idea how to reach their home
computer.  It's horrifying and pathetic, but not as pathetic as a
couple of these sheisty shops advertising on the radio selling
firewall busters where you install some Windows worm on your PeeCee,
then browse their web page from some infested pay-by-the-minute cafe
computer and take control of the worm, so you can reach your home
computer from anywhere.  v6 takes away their market, because there's
no longer a reason to depend on the central meet-up server to which
they sell you monthly access.

    >> technical need is for a convenient way of assigning bigger
    >> blocks of numbers than a /8 to a single entity.

    ap> There's more than one way to do things, v6 not required to
    ap> enable it. The real pressing problem is the v4 space
    ap> exhaustion.

It may be a corner case or not the most important problem, but still,
this is an example of where v6 is in use _right now_, and the reason

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