[nycbug-talk] IPv6 Followup

Alex Pilosov alex at pilosoft.com
Mon Nov 12 19:51:15 EST 2007

On Mon, 12 Nov 2007, Miles Nordin wrote:

> >>>>> "ap" == Alex Pilosov <alex at pilosoft.com> writes:
>     >> * They don't want filesharing to work without setting up
>     >> complicated port-mapping mumbo jumbo?  (probably more the cable
>     >> company than the phone company though)
>     ap> What does that have to do with v6.  I don't think any
>     ap> filesharing protocols are v6-enabled anyway ;)
> with v6 AOLeet users don't need to add a port-mapping to their Linksys
> box or use uPNP or any of that complicated stuff.  There's no NAT, so it
> just works.
lack of need for nat on v6 is a myth. you still need to nat to reach v4 
space, which will be necessary for foreseen future (>10 years).

see: http://www.nanog.org/mtg-0710/presentations/Bush-v6-op-reality.pdf 
slide 12

also, upnp works just fine.

>     >> * They're afraid of a plug-in ``hosting appliance?''
>     ap> What does that have to do with v6.
> plenty of static global addresses in every home make a market for
> idiotproof cheapo hosting appliances that doesn't exist now.  like,
> instead of buying shared hosting packages with the rickety PHP
> blogware you like preinstalled, you can buy a plastic box that has
> this blog running inside it, and plug it into your home LAN.  In fact,
trust me, they exist now for v4, and nobody cares.

>     >> * They want to mediate your communication by making sure
>     >> everyone meets each other on some web ``property'', youtube,
>     >> itunes, myspace, iDisk.mac.com, gmail---no direct communication
>     >> between houses?
>     ap> What does that have to do with v6.
> with static global addresses, IM clients don't need a central server any
> more.  gaim can include a built-in jabber server.

ips will not be global and static. more myths. you will not have a
portable and permanently assigned IP address. If you want static IP
(non-portable) you can do it just as well with v4 as with v6. No real
difference. You cannot have permanent and portable v4 or v6 address.

>     >>  * They have long-term plans to move your data off your
>     >> computers and onto theirs, and then rent it back to you?
>     ap> What does that have to do with v6.
> with static global address at home, you can mount your home drives
> from elsewhere.
see above.

> without it, you need various idisks and ``extranets''.  AOLeet people
> often email things to themselves so they can download it from a friend's
> house, because they have no idea how to reach their home computer.  
> It's horrifying and pathetic, but not as pathetic as a couple of these
> sheisty shops advertising on the radio selling firewall busters where
> you install some Windows worm on your PeeCee, then browse their web page
> from some infested pay-by-the-minute cafe computer and take control of
> the worm, so you can reach your home computer from anywhere.  v6 takes
> away their market, because there's no longer a reason to depend on the
> central meet-up server to which they sell you monthly access.
nothing to do with v6. there'll be v6 firewalls (outbound-traffic-only)  
enabled by default which will need to be worked around (to get in) just as
well as current v4 firewalls.


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