[nycbug-talk] High amount of interrupt activity when using FreeBSD CAM

Peter Wright pete at nomadlogic.org
Thu Oct 4 12:57:33 EDT 2007

> Greets folks.
> Please tolerate today's stupid question:
> Is a high amount of interrupts "normal" when using FreeBSD's ATAPICAM?
> Perhaps there was a kernel tunable I forgot to tweak, or a kernel option I
> forgot to compile in?
> When using growisofs in FreeBSD through the CAM framework, top reports
> almost 95% CPU time spent on just interrupts.
> As you can imagine, the machine gets pretty lazy to stimuli when this
> happens.
> Pointers?  Comments?  Derisive laughter?

hmmm - what release of FreeBSD is this?  GENERIC kernel exhibiting same
behaviour?  hardware config?  folks'll need at least this much info to
help out.

but - lets assume your are running 5.3-RELEASE:

google.com/bsd turns up more hits as well...


Peter Wright
pete at nomadlogic.org

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