[nycbug-talk] defcon 15 videos on line

csnyder chsnyder at gmail.com
Fri Oct 5 07:45:21 EDT 2007

On 10/4/07, Isaac Levy <ike at lesmuug.org> wrote:

> Additionally, there's less incentive to *go* to the conference, if
> everyone thinks the vids will be online afterwards- and everyone
> knows a good con is about what happens BEING THERE... :)

Wow. There are so many reasons why this is a *good* thing.

By all means, encourage folks to actually go, but don't keep what went
on there a secret. This stuff is important; it needs to be spread as
far and wide as possible. A little part of you can be glad that your
attendance fees subsidize this valuable service.

If I had kids, I'd let them watch as much of this kind of TV as they wanted.

Chris Snyder

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