[nycbug-talk] Africa Network Traffic

George Rosamond george at ceetonetechnology.com
Fri Oct 5 13:31:51 EDT 2007

N.J. Thomas wrote:
> * Isaac Levy <ike at lesmuug.org> [2007-10-05 02:38:28 -0400]:
>> Does anyone know any good way to know how much of the internet's
>> CONTENT originates in Affica, West Africa, or even Ghana?
> A follow up question to this is, how can one block traffic coming out of
> Africa? A friend of mine runs a US-based social networking site and he
> was recently blog-spammed by users from Senegal.
> Thomas

AFAIK, this gets a bit complicated. . .

On certain boxes, I block the IP ranges of a few countries with pf 

The problem is that the Nigerian IP range is actually British, or 
something like that.

Senegal. . . who knows.

But if you really want to stop the bad traffic, start with the US.


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