[nycbug-talk] Africa Network Traffic

Alex Pilosov alex at pilosoft.com
Fri Oct 5 16:19:31 EDT 2007

On Fri, 5 Oct 2007, Isaac Levy wrote:

> Hey All,
> So my good friend has a problem I'm interested in, which I believe many
> of us could be interested in(?)
> Does anyone know any good way to know how much of the internet's CONTENT
> originates in Affica, West Africa, or even Ghana?
> To me, this means available http/etc servers- not just IP blocks or
> network connections on the big fiber maps...
> Where to start?  I'm drawing a blank on this...
What is the internet?

How do you expect to get exact data for entire interwebs?

What kind of approximation you are willing to accept?


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