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Marc Spitzer mspitzer at gmail.com
Sun Oct 14 21:52:59 EDT 2007

On 10/13/07, Jesse Callaway <bonsaime at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 10/13/07, Marc Spitzer <mspitzer at gmail.com> wrote:
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> > > > On 10/12/07, Marc Spitzer <mspitzer at gmail.com> wrote:
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> > > >> And this makes the hosting and network transport companies money how?
> > > >> And that is
> > > >> Alex's main point how does it help me pay my rent as a business?  If
> > > >> it does not then, generally speaking, I should not do it.
> > > >
> > > > Ah, but that is actually my point. The adoption of ipv6 may need to
> > > > happen most for applications that are _not_ driven by commerce and
> > > > that don't directly pay anybody's rent.
> > >
> > > i.e. Government Contract.  Any politicians on the list?
> > >
> >
> > perfect more socialism in america, just what we need.
> >
> > marc
> > --
> Socialistic-seeming constraints are necessary to prop up the health of
> our capitalistic national economy. Without road and utilities being
> chartered by the gov't people would be living in the woods with no way
> to get to work, and arguably with no reason to go.

Read more history, for example the major long haul commercial system
in the US up till Eisenhower started on the interstate were for profit
rail roads.  And they are still cheaper in cost per ton moved then
trucks are today, trucks allow for a greater degree of flexibility and
the maintenance costs of the road is not the trucking companies

> Trash is collected "for free" (taxes pay) in NYC because it cannot
> afford to be dirtier. Some communities understand that the all the

Residential trash is collected for "free", business contract their
carting.  And in some locals the trash is collected by a carting
company that gets a monopoly to service an area and you pay them if
you want your trash hauled, moms house in stonypoint ny.  The major
advantage of the current system is lots of well paid union jobs and
the patronage/votes that go with them.

> inhabitants would NEVER let trash sit on the curb if they could pay
> someone to pick it up, and bank on that. It goes to show that it
> really depends on the particulars of how necessary the guidelines and
> money from government is to the ability of people to work, ie live.

that is where enforcement comes in: how you deal with your trash is
your business but what a large/ugly penalty we will lay on you if you
do not deal with it to our satisfaction and have a nice day

> We would literally die if the trash wasn't picked up in NY for a
> considerable time. Will we die if we don't get ipv6? No. But it does
> hamper the ability to securely provide SOAP services  and efficiently
> provide streaming of voice and video. This means it's holding up porn
> and gambling. That's a no-no in the economy, and the reality of
> capitalism, especially that which is most backing the expansion of the
> Internet.

If the gambling and porn industries want IPV6 so they can make more
money let them subsidize it from their profits.  Since I do not see
that happening around me I think they have come to the conclusion that
there just ain't enough gold in them thare hills to dig a mine.

Now if a city consults the magic eight ball of computer tech and
decides that the only way to control the traffic lights is with an
IPv6 network then let them do it.  But saying that that same
government should be trusted to be fair and impartial when handing out
money to third parties is delusional, silly just does not cover it.
The reason is you have given an evil and selfish entity, all
governments are these things, power to grant or deny money to people
on the basis that they do what they are told.  In the interest of
brevity I will not list examples here.

> Sorry, I just couldn't let that one go. It's a standard rant I have
> pent up that I feed live chickens once a week.

And how often do the chickens feed you?

> Anyway, if my argument holds any water then ipv6 will be deployed in
> the US when it has to be. It seems we've been near the breaking point
> for a couple of years and may have to hang in there for a bit longer.

until there is pain in ipv4 why bother?  Now with that said I can see
places where ipv6 makes sense, even if it is not connected to the rest
of the internet.  But until it hurts why bother, because change also
hurts.  And with out that need to change change hurts more than the
current state.

Freedom is nothing but a chance to be better.
Albert Camus

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