[nycbug-talk] Can RTSP and dumb switches coexist?

Alex Pilosov alex at pilosoft.com
Thu Oct 18 16:08:36 EDT 2007

On Thu, 18 Oct 2007, Jonathan Stewart wrote:

> My current network layout is pretty much
> SAT modem ->My "server" AKA BSD desktop -> bunch of dumb 8 port switches
> daisy chained
i'm sorry, please hire someone who knows what they are doing. i believe
ryan lackey (ex-havenco) is in iraq and looking for work.

> I was thinking about dropping another NIC into my server bridging the
> ports and making a full loop rather than just a chain of switches in
> case part of the loop gets cut.  I said "RSTP switch(es)" because for
> some reason I was thinking I would need a second box but I realized I
> only *need* one to do it this way.
i didn't think US government pays so little you have to do things so


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