[nycbug-talk] Can RTSP and dumb switches coexist?

Jonathan Stewart jonathan at kc8onw.net
Thu Oct 18 16:23:23 EDT 2007

Alex Pilosov wrote:
> On Thu, 18 Oct 2007, Jonathan Stewart wrote:
>> My current network layout is pretty much
>> SAT modem ->My "server" AKA BSD desktop -> bunch of dumb 8 port
>> switches daisy chained
> i'm sorry, please hire someone who knows what they are doing. i
> believe ryan lackey (ex-havenco) is in iraq and looking for work.

I'd like to do server/network admin after my contract is over so if your
willing to take the time to explain stuff I'll listen.  I'm pretty much
completely self taught so I do things as best I can with what I know and
what I have.

>> I was thinking about dropping another NIC into my server bridging
>> the ports and making a full loop rather than just a chain of
>> switches in case part of the loop gets cut.  I said "RSTP
>> switch(es)" because for some reason I was thinking I would need a
>> second box but I realized I only *need* one to do it this way.
> i didn't think US government pays so little you have to do things so 
> ghetto.

I make roughly 25K a year while in Iraq :P  I'm trying to break even on
satellite and network costs without charging people more than necessary
otherwise the money all has to come out of my own pocket.  The time
involved in setting up and running the network isn't such an issue since
I'm stuck here anyway.


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