[nycbug-talk] YouTube Channel for BSD Technical Talks

Siobhan P. Lynch trish at bsdunix.net
Thu Dec 4 20:31:20 EST 2008

On Dec 4, 2008, at 4:16 PM, Miles Nordin wrote:
>>>>>> "rl" == Ray Lai <nycbug at cyth.net> writes:
>    rl> Are you providing the bandwidth?
> I'm among the biggest BSD advocates here just because I watch Youtube
> under Opera with COMPAT_LINUX, and that's PATHETIC.
> Ubuntu people are really good about distributing their videos in open
> formats that play with the native software included in their
> distribution.  And I guarantee you anyone who asks for a more free
> format will get a shamed apology, not a bunch of rants about how
> practical and profitable and successful the proprietary system is.
> CCC always gives me videos of the congress and the camp in a format I
> can play natively on BSD, even though the Krauts use almost
> exclusively Linux, rarely BSD.
> It's only from other supposed BSD people I'm getting the crappy
> proprietary formats.  How can I complain to Linux-centric developers
> that they keep breaking the ffmpeg builds on BSD with their Linuxisms,
> when there's such shitty advocacy from within the BSD camp?  On BSD
> where getting FLASH to work is much harder than Ubuntu, _I'm_ the
> troll for asking for an open format, and I'm supposed to accomodate
> the platform-insensitive choices of these supposed advocates?
> Yes, I am.  That is, as you've all just collectively defined it, the
> BSD culture.
> And that's why your OS is so fucking dead!  It's your own damn fault.
> What a disappointment

Then go somewhere else...

You know, I'm usually pretty quiet, but this vitriol really seems  
uncalled for... the only way it can have more venom is for you to use  
uncouth swear ("four letter") words.

Seriously, if you really have that many complaints, then please, by  
all means, find a different solution. It seems like every time I turn  
around you have some other complaint and you're vehemently expressing  
it... and trust me I don;t mind the expression of opinions, but you  
are directing your opinion in such a way as top stir up people's  
feelings so they *feel* insulted, no matter what their point of view  
regarding the issue is.

I think, unfortunately, mailing lists lend themselves to this kind of  
rudeness. I doubt you would be so vehemently insulting in tone if you  
were in a group of people in-person. But then again, I'm sorta glad I  
don't know you in person. I don't have a lot of time for this kind of  

I personally could care less what format Murray posts in. I really  
don;t care of Murray posts in some format that can only be viewed on a  
BeOS box  - its smimply not worth the type of rise in blood pressure  
that you exhibit in your posting.

To the rest of the list: I'm sorry for this "off-topic" post.... I  
just could not let this go, after reading venom and vitriol for months  
from him.


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