[nycbug-talk] YouTube Channel for BSD Technical Talks

Miles Nordin carton at Ivy.NET
Fri Dec 5 13:41:44 EST 2008

>>>>> "spl" == Siobhan P Lynch <trish at bsdunix.net> writes:

   spl> stir up people's feelings so they *feel*
   spl> insulted, no matter what their point of view regarding the
   spl> issue is.

Do you actually have a point of view, other than ``you're making me
feel bad, and I don't like it when you say fuck and shit, so I wish
you would leave''?

I certainly never asked anyone to leave because of his opinions, but
you have.

I think BSD is in a worse spot than five years ago, and the problem is
largely cultural, and the discussion's therefore relevant.  If we
don't even have a safe place to talk honestly, then this really is a

   spl> I doubt you would be so vehemently insulting in tone if you
   spl> were in a group of people in-person.

in general you sound right about ML style, but in this case, ask
around.  you're wrong.

However I am mistaken less often in person, I think.

   spl> I'm sorry for this "off-topic" post.... I just could not let
   spl> this go, after reading venom and vitriol for months from him.

You don't sound sorry.  You sound self-congradulatory and relieved.

I can live with a bit of ad-hominem garbage, and I think a measured
dose can help keep people interested and shake up
yet-another-cool-link-oftheday list that's beginning to sound like a
bunch of saccarine inspirational posters colorful birds and remote
jungle waterfalls.  However I think we had an argument of this sort
before: if you want to attack me, I would consider your post more fair
and appropriate if you put SOME on-topic substance in your mail, so
that whatever ``vitriol'' there is on either side at least advances
the discussion about BSD a bit.
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