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Siobhan P. Lynch trish at bsdunix.net
Fri Dec 5 13:56:21 EST 2008

What's your opinion? Your opinion is that everyone is wrong because  
they don;t agree with you, and that everyone is a piece of sh**  
because they won;t be as "Open" as you, and you're better because  
you're more extremist, and honestly, all I see is an unhappy person  
who needs a reason to make everyone else around him unhappy.

You would be much happier if you worried about yourself and what *you*  
posted, than what Murray posts, or whether BSD's have this solution or  
that solution, and whether you need to use linux compatibiity (when  
you spout the virtues of Ubuntu *linux* every chance you get, and I  
love ubuntu's way of doing things, but it seems like you need to  
complain and spit venom. Even this email proves it.

I am a happy human being. I have a family, and I'm a Mom, and I make a  
good living. I'm on the PTA, and I left the world of "this OS is  
better, and this OS is dying" a long time ago, I like to read good  
technical discussions, not ones where you discuss how sad someone is  
when they don't do things the "Miles Nordin" way. And maybe you're  
right, you are as much of a d*** in person. Its nice to know. I'm glad  
we don;t see each other often.

And if "if you're not happy with the situation and not willing to help  
change it, then walk away" is "asking someone to leave, then yes, I  
will ask people to leave.


On Dec 5, 2008, at 1:41 PM, Miles Nordin wrote:

>>>>>> "spl" == Siobhan P Lynch <trish at bsdunix.net> writes:
>   spl> stir up people's feelings so they *feel*
>   spl> insulted, no matter what their point of view regarding the
>   spl> issue is.
> Do you actually have a point of view, other than ``you're making me
> feel bad, and I don't like it when you say fuck and shit, so I wish
> you would leave''?
> I certainly never asked anyone to leave because of his opinions, but
> you have.
> I think BSD is in a worse spot than five years ago, and the problem is
> largely cultural, and the discussion's therefore relevant.  If we
> don't even have a safe place to talk honestly, then this really is a
> disaster.
>   spl> I doubt you would be so vehemently insulting in tone if you
>   spl> were in a group of people in-person.
> in general you sound right about ML style, but in this case, ask
> around.  you're wrong.
> However I am mistaken less often in person, I think.
>   spl> I'm sorry for this "off-topic" post.... I just could not let
>   spl> this go, after reading venom and vitriol for months from him.
> You don't sound sorry.  You sound self-congradulatory and relieved.
> I can live with a bit of ad-hominem garbage, and I think a measured
> dose can help keep people interested and shake up
> yet-another-cool-link-oftheday list that's beginning to sound like a
> bunch of saccarine inspirational posters colorful birds and remote
> jungle waterfalls.  However I think we had an argument of this sort
> before: if you want to attack me, I would consider your post more fair
> and appropriate if you put SOME on-topic substance in your mail, so
> that whatever ``vitriol'' there is on either side at least advances
> the discussion about BSD a bit.
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