[nycbug-talk] pfSense 1.2 released

Charles Sprickman spork at bway.net
Tue Feb 26 23:38:03 EST 2008

Top posting because it's only tangentially related.  Also I am in no way 
associated with the project, but I have no problem asking for money on 
their behalf since pfsense is such a great product...

PFSense has a "bounty" system where people can pledge money for features 
they'd like to see developed.  One oft-requested feature is a rewrite of 
the traffic shaper to include all kinds of fancy stuff like working across 
more than two interfaces and the like.

Many pledged, work was done, not everyone followed up:


Perhaps some small donations (like mine) from random users could help 
compensate the developer(s) for the hard work done on this feature.

That's all,


On Tue, 26 Feb 2008, Chris Buechler wrote:

> George Rosamond suggested I send a shout out here, after sending a
> "heads up" to the NYC*BUG colo list of the release. Big props to George
> for getting us a dedicated server in the NYC*BUG rack at NYI as a mirror
> and backup hosting facility, and to Ike for helping facilitate. About
> 4,000 total downloads from that mirror alone (1 of 11 mirrors) in the
> first 24 hours after release.
> Release info:
> http://blog.pfsense.org/?p=170
> Any interest in a pfSense talk at NYCBSDCon this year?  If so, any
> suggestions on what you would like to hear about?
> Also we're having a 4 hour tutorial on pfSense at BSDCan this year. More
> info on that:  http://blog.pfsense.org/?p=169  Scott Ullrich and I have
> met several NYC*BUG folks in years past, and hope to see a number of you
> again this year.
> cheers,
> Chris
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