[nycbug-talk] pfSense 1.2 released

George Rosamond george at ceetonetechnology.com
Wed Feb 27 00:51:39 EST 2008

Chris Buechler wrote:
> George Rosamond suggested I send a shout out here, after sending a 
> "heads up" to the NYC*BUG colo list of the release. Big props to George 
> for getting us a dedicated server in the NYC*BUG rack at NYI as a mirror 
> and backup hosting facility, and to Ike for helping facilitate. About 
> 4,000 total downloads from that mirror alone (1 of 11 mirrors) in the 
> first 24 hours after release.

And of course to Okan in the mix. . .

> Release info:
> http://blog.pfsense.org/?p=170
> Any interest in a pfSense talk at NYCBSDCon this year?  If so, any 
> suggestions on what you would like to hear about?

no comment ;)

> Also we're having a 4 hour tutorial on pfSense at BSDCan this year. More 
> info on that:  http://blog.pfsense.org/?p=169  Scott Ullrich and I have 
> met several NYC*BUG folks in years past, and hope to see a number of you 
> again this year.

Seriously. . . I do think that a pfSense talk or bof would be of interest.

I'm curious to hear about others' experiences, but especially from the 
developers' angles on implementations in enterprise environments.

Lots of BSD distro-type things have come out. . . but pfSense has shown 
longevity for a reason.


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