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Tim A. techneck at goldenpath.org
Fri Mar 21 16:41:08 EDT 2008

> if you want to poke around install the cscope port and use it, you *really*
> want to do this.
Thanks much. Came across cscope in a pdf on linux kernel hacking I had a 
while back but misplaced.
Meant to get my hands more into that.
Guess I sort of lost track of it.

> check the installed php stuff, /usr/local/include
Making more sense already. I see

> C's macro preprocessor is not complicated, the above translates to:
> if the thing ZTS is defined, somewhere above "#define ZTS 'something'
> " was encountered do the first half otherwise do the second half.  

The logic was straight forward. "define" is obviously a command.
But the (I guess you'd call them "identifiers"?) didn't make any sense 
to me:

SPL_G(v) TSRMG(spl_globals_id, zend_spl_globals *, v)

SPL_G(v) (spl_globals.v)

> And if you want to do C and don't already have it get the current version
> of K&R.  By do I mean put a chunk of text in the output file, as cpp
> handles all the #commands and macro substitution.

That is a book I should have read long time ago.
College deluded me into thinking C was antiquated and C++ was all I 
needed and that if *that* ever failed to be the case, Java would be the 
Hacking stuff indicated Assembly was where you could really take command 
of the machine.
Assembly is very cool, but a weeee bit a PITA.
Taking another look at C makes me think C++ might be good at that higher 
level code management, but it abstracted away the depth of manipulation 
(and a deeper understanding) it looks like C is made for.
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