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Andy Michaels lego at therac25.net
Fri Mar 21 20:42:12 EDT 2008

On Mar 21, 2008, at 4:41 PM, Tim A. wrote:

>> if you want to poke around install the cscope port and use it, you  
>> *really*
>> want to do this.
> Thanks much. Came across cscope in a pdf on linux kernel hacking I  
> had a while back but misplaced.
> Meant to get my hands more into that.
> Guess I sort of lost track of it.
>> check the installed php stuff, /usr/local/include
> Making more sense already. I see
>> C's macro preprocessor is not complicated, the above translates to:
>> if the thing ZTS is defined, somewhere above "#define ZTS 'something'
>> " was encountered do the first half otherwise do the second half.
> The logic was straight forward. "define" is obviously a command.
> But the (I guess you'd call them "identifiers"?) didn't make any  
> sense to me:
> SPL_G(v) TSRMG(spl_globals_id, zend_spl_globals *, v)
> SPL_G(v) (spl_globals.v)
>> And if you want to do C and don't already have it get the current  
>> version
>> of K&R.  By do I mean put a chunk of text in the output file, as cpp
>> handles all the #commands and macro substitution.
> That is a book I should have read long time ago.
> College deluded me into thinking C was antiquated and C++ was all I  
> needed and that if *that* ever failed to be the case, Java would be  
> the answer.
> Hacking stuff indicated Assembly was where you could really take  
> command of the machine.
> Assembly is very cool, but a weeee bit a PITA.
> Taking another look at C makes me think C++ might be good at that  
> higher level code management, but it abstracted away the depth of  
> manipulation (and a deeper understanding) it looks like C is made for.
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The K&R book is simply the best.  It's very readable, and explains  
very clearly all of the basic things you'll ever need in C.  When you  
get into libraries and such, well, you'll need other references, but  
the K&R is a very nice (and thin - but don't let that fool you) book.


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