[nycbug-talk] [OT] - Subversion Conflicts

Hans Zaunere lists at zaunere.com
Mon Jun 29 17:03:37 EDT 2009


> I was able to get the SVN repo solution working, however I'm having some
> permission issues.
> Basically, I setup svnserve on one server.  Our webservers checkout from
> that server when we tell it to.  However, we only have one dev environment
> (dev.ourdomain.com) which points to an SVN checkout on a dev server
> (again, as a disclaimer in case someone ever googles my name, a total
> temporary solution for a week or two tops while we setup local
> sandboxes).


> - Run and hide.

I'd go for this option...

> Any ideas? :) Thanks all.  Again, this is a temporary solution.  If

Say it three times and click your heals. :)

> everyone could have their own repository this wouldn't be an issue, and
> that's coming soon.

So this is only an issue in the dev environment right?  If Run and hide
isn't an option, the cron to reset is probably the best bet - I've seen this
done.  Or maybe try your luck at lucky 777's - Or maybe have everyone use
the same user?  Wee...

This isn't really a svn problem as I understand it, since this is about just
having multiple people work in the same directory and stepping on each
other's toes - let's hope someone doesn't put in 5 hours of dev on a file,
then have someone else overwrite :) 

But since you already have everything in subversion, why not setup multiple
dev sandboxes?  It should only be a matter of a couple vhosts and CNAMES and
the 1 hour that takes could prevent losing 5 hours of dev.


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