[nycbug-talk] [OT] - Subversion Conflicts

Matt Juszczak matt at atopia.net
Mon Jun 29 17:11:28 EDT 2009

> This isn't really a svn problem as I understand it, since this is about just
> having multiple people work in the same directory and stepping on each
> other's toes - let's hope someone doesn't put in 5 hours of dev on a file,
> then have someone else overwrite :)

Yup, agreed.  This isn't an SVN thing.  This is more "how do I make 
freebsd somehow keep all files in a directory, recursively, owned by the 
same user/group".  The cron idea would work, potentially running every 5 
minutes and just doing:

chown -R www:user /usr/local/www/webroot

but its a major hack.  And it only allows people to check in once every 5 

> But since you already have everything in subversion, why not setup multiple
> dev sandboxes?  It should only be a matter of a couple vhosts and CNAMES and
> the 1 hour that takes could prevent losing 5 hours of dev.

This is how I did things first =) But the webserver configuration files 
and the code has SO MUCH hardcoded into it, the sites wouldn't work. 
Trust me, I tried.  That's why this is temporary.  Because once I fix the 
code, I'm setting up proper svn (trunk/stable/live) repos, multiple 
sandboxes, etc. etc.

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