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Pete Wright pete at nomadlogic.org
Fri Mar 20 14:46:47 EDT 2009

On 20-Mar-09, at 11:29 AM, Miles Nordin wrote:

>>>>>> "pw" == Pete Wright <pete at nomadlogic.org> writes:
>    pw> friendly fascism where you can't be trusted to act in a
>    pw> responsible manner *and* look out for your best interests
> where was ``act in a responsible manner'' in your last statement?
> simplified right out, I think.

wow - sorry didn't mean to feed to troll...didn't know he was so  

> Personally I find ``trusted to act in a responsible manner'' a bit
> paternalistic and authoritarian.  I do not think my rights and
> freedoms come from someone more powerful ``trust''ing me not to abuse
> them.  But that shouldn't mean I can't apply pressure to someone who I
> see making a mess.  They can ignore me for a while, until too many
> people say ``hey, knock it off,'' and at that point if the complainers
> prevail I think we're generally happy.  This is called democracy.
> It's rather expensive to operate and doesn't function with perfect
> fairness and is sometimes frustratingly deferential to mediocrity, but
> it keeps us out from under the thumbs of petty smug arrogant
> simple-minded autocrats like yourself: When your argument starts with
> what you imagine are first principles and ends with a heirarchy of
> incontrovertible authoritarian force, this is no longer a democratic
> social structure, and the fact so many supposed citizens of the Free
> World find such structures mysteriously appealing frightens me.
> I see that Sun is disrespecting the reasonable way with which certain
> authors to whom I feel solidarity wish to use their copyright.  Can I
> or can I not attack the reputation of the one doing this?  I'd like
> to, because they are _trading_ on that reputation in a big way so I
> have some hope of success, and attacking it serves my interest.
> But according to people like you, I am not allowed to push back
> because they are ``acting in their interest,'' and whenever someone
> big and rich is acting in their own interest the almighty godlike
> Invisible Hand is at work, and we'd better all just stay the fuck back
> and let it work its greedy magic, because THAT is the *core of
> freedom* and if we did anything else we'd be like Soviet Russia.
> well, bullSHIT.
> Where the hell is MY best interest in your world-view?
> In any case, I can complain about whatever I like.
> But as I predicted, broke-ass BSD-club pseudoethics tries to stop me
> at step zero.  wake UP, goddamnit.  your tiny little libertarian REICH
> is on fire.
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