[nycbug-talk] Audit Solution

Christopher Olsen cwolsen at ubixos.com
Tue May 19 18:51:45 EDT 2009

Its funny you mention the zombie attempts my logs get cluttered with failed attempts nothing I worry about I considered moving the port but assumed they would eventually find it. How's the different port working for you?


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Matt Juszczak wrote:
>> How many servers are you managing? One of my techs mentioned something I 
>> forget the name but it merely parsed for key words I was looking for 
>> something a bit more robust.
> About 60.
> Are you talking about swatch?

or logwatch. . .

Personally, I get a bunch of dailies, etc., not to mention cron job 
outputs that I want to see, like statuses of RAIDs, outputs of 
portaudit, etc.

I read everything in the am, and quickly scan for glaring problems.

Which is why I don't run sshd on 22. . . since if there's no firewall, 
you get the zombie attempts filling up the email and miss what you need 
to know.  But that's another discussion :)

We've had this discussion before offlist, and if someone has the golden 
answer, well, let us know.


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