[nycbug-talk] Audit Solution

Hans Zaunere lists at zaunere.com
Tue May 19 19:31:01 EDT 2009

> Personally, I get a bunch of dailies, etc., not to mention cron job
> outputs that I want to see, like statuses of RAIDs, outputs of
> portaudit, etc.
> I read everything in the am, and quickly scan for glaring problems.
> Which is why I don't run sshd on 22. . . since if there's no firewall,
> you get the zombie attempts filling up the email and miss what you need
> to know.  But that's another discussion :)
> We've had this discussion before offlist, and if someone has the golden
> answer, well, let us know.

It'd be pretty easy to setup a system that receives these emails (and
optionally forwards to other mailboxes), parses them, and then provide a
nice digest as a web site report or email.  Seems as though something like
this exists - or perhaps this was the discussion we had offlist?


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