[nycbug-talk] UPS / battery backups

Marco Scoffier marco at metm.org
Tue Sep 1 07:31:53 EDT 2009

Hi Kit,

I think you may be comparing old backup unit to new backup unit.  You 
have to replace the batteries every 2 years on any backup unit.  Most 
people don't, but if you want to guarantee the uptime you must.  The APC 
units even the smaller ones make replacement relatively easy, and you 
can easily find reduced prices on batteries for the APC.  Not so sure 
about the two models you mention.

I found a bunch of APC's in the trash and have been replacing the 
batteries for years.


Kit Halsted wrote:
> After the 3rd time my old APC took down my entire rack, I replaced it  
> with either a CyberPower or a Tripp LIte. I'm a little foggy now, as a  
> month earlier my other ancient APC had started taking down my home  
> entertainment stuff, so I replaced that with the other brand. Either  
> one is *way* better bang for the buck than APC.
> I will never use another APC unit after seeing them fail this way.  
> (I.e. wall power still working fine, but UPS stops supplying power.)  
> Kinda defeats the purpose of buying one in the first place, no?
> Okay, I looked. I bought a 485VA CyberPower on sale at Staples to use  
> with my AV gear and a Tripp Lite Smart 1000 LCD 1KVA unit from New Egg  
> for my rack. The big one was right around $150 shipped. It's not  
> rackable, but the LED does rotate for horizontal or vertical  
> deployment. It did well in the recent double-whammy power outage we  
> had here, keeping me on teh Intarwebs in spite of the darkness.
> Cheers, HTH,
> -Kit
> On Aug 31, 2009, at 7:32 PM, Jonathan wrote:
>> Does anyone have recommendations for a good UPS for home use?  I'm
>> looking for something that can handle at least 800 watts.  I've come  
>> to
>> the realization that unfortunately I'm not going to get much runtime  
>> at
>> that level of power draw but I'm alright with that.
>> Thanks,
>> Jonathan
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