[nycbug-talk] UPS / battery backups

Kit Halsted lists at kithalsted.com
Wed Sep 2 14:52:06 EDT 2009

Hi Marco,

I am most definitely comparing old to new, but:

I still find it completely unacceptable that the APC units can *cause*  
a power loss. Again, they stopped supplying power to the things  
plugged into them while they were still getting power from the wall.

The least expensive batteries I could find for the 1kVA APC were about  
$55 apiece before shipping, or about $130 shipped for the pair. It was  
worth $20 to go from beige to black.


On Sep 1, 2009, at 6:31 AM, Marco Scoffier wrote:

> Hi Kit,
> I think you may be comparing old backup unit to new backup unit.   
> You have to replace the batteries every 2 years on any backup unit.   
> Most people don't, but if you want to guarantee the uptime you  
> must.  The APC units even the smaller ones make replacement  
> relatively easy, and you can easily find reduced prices on batteries  
> for the APC.  Not so sure about the two models you mention.
> I found a bunch of APC's in the trash and have been replacing the  
> batteries for years.
> Marco
> Kit Halsted wrote:
>> After the 3rd time my old APC took down my entire rack, I replaced  
>> it  with either a CyberPower or a Tripp LIte. I'm a little foggy  
>> now, as a  month earlier my other ancient APC had started taking  
>> down my home  entertainment stuff, so I replaced that with the  
>> other brand. Either  one is *way* better bang for the buck than APC.
>> I will never use another APC unit after seeing them fail this way.   
>> (I.e. wall power still working fine, but UPS stops supplying  
>> power.)  Kinda defeats the purpose of buying one in the first  
>> place, no?
>> Okay, I looked. I bought a 485VA CyberPower on sale at Staples to  
>> use  with my AV gear and a Tripp Lite Smart 1000 LCD 1KVA unit from  
>> New Egg  for my rack. The big one was right around $150 shipped.  
>> It's not  rackable, but the LED does rotate for horizontal or  
>> vertical  deployment. It did well in the recent double-whammy power  
>> outage we  had here, keeping me on teh Intarwebs in spite of the  
>> darkness.
>> Cheers, HTH,
>> -Kit
>> On Aug 31, 2009, at 7:32 PM, Jonathan wrote:
>>> Does anyone have recommendations for a good UPS for home use?  I'm
>>> looking for something that can handle at least 800 watts.  I've  
>>> come  to
>>> the realization that unfortunately I'm not going to get much  
>>> runtime  at
>>> that level of power draw but I'm alright with that.
>>> Thanks,
>>> Jonathan
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