[nycbug-talk] Extremely large SAN/NAS

steve rieger riegersteve at gmail.com
Fri Jan 20 10:46:54 EST 2012

I recently setup a 5.6pb array using gpfs

Designing an even larger array now for nasa.

Two different technologies with very different use case scenarios
On Jan 20, 2012 5:30 AM, "Christopher Olsen" <cwolsen at ubixos.com> wrote:

> Hello Everyone,
> Anyone here have any experience or thoughts on how to put together a large
> Data store?
> What I would like to accomplish would be to have something with the
> capacity in the area of 5,000 terabytes and also have the ability to take
> snapshots...
> It wouldn't necessarily need to appear as a single node but I definitely
> want to get the highest possible storage density per node. Also performance
> need not be considered as long as its within reason.
> -Christopher
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