[nycbug-talk] Extremely large SAN/NAS

Christopher Olsen cwolsen at ubixos.com
Fri Jan 20 11:30:05 EST 2012


To address you and Pete and others as this thread goes on...

Right now I have about 28T of storage in a single NAS. Now I have a bunch of
remote servers that rsync all of their data to this NAS.. 

The NAS in turn keeps 90 daily snapshots for retention purposes... 

So I need to be able to still store the 90 daily snapshots as well as be
able to rsync data to the storage pool..

It doesn't need to be a single point but It would be a nightmare to manage
2000 NASs.. 

But I need it to scale as far as the 10PB I wont need that tomorrow but I
most likely need to expand at a rate of atleast 2PB every 12 months topping
out at the 10PB so I wanted to make sure all thoughts were on the top end of
the requirement.

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On 01/20/12 08:11, Christopher Olsen wrote:
> Hello Everyone,
> Anyone here have any experience or thoughts on how to put together a 
> large Data store?
> What I would like to accomplish would be to have something with the 
> capacity in the area of 5,000 terabytes and also have the ability to 
> take snapshots...
> It wouldn't necessarily need to appear as a single node but I 
> definitely want to get the highest possible storage density per node.
> Also performance need not be considered as long as its within reason.

Assume you mean hardware-wise.

For software, I'd run Ubuntu-creamsicle with Ruby on Grilled Peaches on top.

But seriously, there's a thread 6 mos back about the cost of building a NAS
device but with smaller storage.  The cost dropped dramatically over the
years, except now when it comes to hard drive costs, of course.

For a data store that size, I would look to keep it on multiple nodes from
the start, but especially if you'd have to scale later on.

Software-wise, the easy way is to go with FreeNAS.  They make it *very*
easy.  And there's support for fibre channel and Infiniband.  And certainly
ZFS at that scale.

Run it off a cf card and you should be happy to your heart's delight.

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