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Jim B. jpb at jimby.name
Mon May 14 16:08:14 EDT 2012

* George Rosamond <george at ceetonetechnology.com> [2012-05-14 11:14]:
> Looking forward to hearing about BSDCan from those who attended.
> Fill us in!
> g

Hi All,

I was able to attend BSDCan this year and here are my notes
for Friday:

I did not attend the developer summit or vendor summit, although
I heard very good things about both.

The opening session was quite something.  As you may have heard,
Dan wore his kilt, and was preceeded into the plenary session by
a bagpiper, also dressed in full attire.  There's a Youtube on it.

I attended Michael Dexter's talk on BHyVe.  He gave a very good
overview of 'virtualization' through the years ending up with
BHyVe and it's current capabilities.  He also demo'ed getting
it running. Impressive stuff.

After lunch (boxed - I had the tuna croissant) I went to the
FreeBSD on Microsoft Hyper-v:  A collaborative effort between
Microsoft, NetApp, and Citrix with Jason Goldschmidt ,
and K.Y. Srinivasan.  Wow - MS is readying Hyper-v for use
with FreeBSD.  Good technical discussion.  They will concentrate
for now on the 'enlightened IO' drivers for disk and network.
I talked to them afterward and they are looking for folks who
want to test.  It's not ready yet, but they expect to have
code out by midsummer.  Highly recommended.

Next it was the Bullet Cache talk.  While this was a good talk
on the whys and hows of Bullet Cache, I was only marginally
listening, since I was really interested in comparisons with
varnish (which I'm currently using).  Not much comparison
discussion :-(

Jeremy Reed gave an outstanding talk on DNSSec.  I'm thinking
of taking another look at that.  He went through the easy use
cases along with the 'gotcha!s' that have plagued more than
a few organizations (including ISC :-)  Highly recommend getting
these slides if you like DNS.

Last talk was Unified Config Management with Andrew Pantyukhin.
This was summary of some basic scripting tasks he's put together.
Not as impressive as I'd hoped.

More later- time for my next meeting.

Jim B.

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