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Jim B. jpb at jimby.name
Mon May 14 20:56:09 EDT 2012

* George Rosamond <george at ceetonetechnology.com> [2012-05-14 11:14]:
> Looking forward to hearing about BSDCan from those who attended.
> Fill us in!
> g

Day 2:

I went to Building a FreeBSD based Virtual Appliance How we
built the Razorback appliance, by Tom Judge.  Good talk, with
a lot of technical detail on setting up boot servers, content
servers, and wrapping it all together into an appliance.
(Quirky Note:  I was sitting in the lecture room before the
talk, and when he flashed the Razorback Hog image, which
looks remarkably like the Arkansas Razorback football team
image, I ventured, "GO HOGS!", but not a single person got
my joke :-/ Oh well...) Highly recommended.

Next, I attended Henning Brauer's talk on OpenBSD network stack evolution 
cksums and a new queueing subsystem.  Good talk, and had
a lot of technical details on the newly revised queueing
system.  Henning's a good speaker, and kept up a lively
presentation on queuing.  I do look forward to a simplified
queuing mechanism with OpenBSD and pf, but it looks like
it will be another year before it's fully ready.

After another pretty good boxed lunch, I settled in to work
on BSDCG stuff, and did not go to the remaining talks.

Overall, it was another great conf with lots of BSD sauce
and plenty of camaraderie.  And lots of beer :-)

That's my report from BSDCan 2012, but I have another NYCBUG
email in 5 minutes about something strangely related.

Jim B.

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