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Mark Saad mark.saad at ymail.com
Tue Mar 19 09:54:18 EDT 2013

On Mon, Mar 18, 2013 at 8:27 PM, Nick Danger <nick at hackermonkey.com> wrote:
> Is anyone running nas4free and mounting via NFS? I just set up a box and I
> am having horrible write performance over NFS. Write only, reads are fine.
> And same partition mounted via CIFS works great reads and writes (to the
> same linux host even, just mount cifs instead of nfs).   I haven't been able
> to gleen any advice via google, and most of the NFS tuning advice is more
> like "how to eek the last few bits of speed" where as when I say horrible, I
> mean instead of 45 MB/s, I am getting 0.6 MB/s write performance.
> Any advice?
> Server: Nas4Free v9.1.0.1, 4 disks in a ZFS pool (raid1Z).  Client: Fedora
> 18, mounts 2 other NFS servers (working fine) and can mount the NAS4Free as
> More details on request.
> Nick
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  What kinds of hardware are you using ? What is the Nas box, what
type of switch , and what are the Linux boxen? Can you send the list
the details and maybe the output from Lspci -lv and  pciconf -v would
be a good start.  Also can you confirm the nas has the correct
speed/duplex settings . This sounds like a network issue .  IMHO.


Mark Saad | mark.saad at ymail.com

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