[nycbug-talk] Nas4Free

Nick Danger nick at hackermonkey.com
Tue Mar 19 10:53:04 EDT 2013

On 03/19/2013 09:54 AM, Mark Saad wrote:
> Nick
>    What kinds of hardware are you using ? What is the Nas box, what
> type of switch , and what are the Linux boxen? Can you send the list
> the details and maybe the output from Lspci -lv and  pciconf -v would
> be a good start.  Also can you confirm the nas has the correct
> speed/duplex settings . This sounds like a network issue .  IMHO.

I am not near the hardware at the moment, so some of this is from 
memory. The NAS box is running NAS4Free v9.1.0.1. The hardware is a 
MiniITX board (dual core Atom) 4GB memory, Intel board if I remember 
correctly. Drives are Seagate 500GBs. I can't send the outputs as I 
can't get into the box right now :-)   The switch is a ProCurve SOHO, 12 
ports. Linux box is a Dell Optiplex i3 something or other, Fedora 18. I 
think it was a Broadcom chip. Again, I'll get those stats tonight when I 
get back home. I sort of doubt its a network/hardware issue as I can get 
the throughput on the same hardware just mounting via CIFS/SMB rather 
than NFS. I won't rule it out as I really have no good ideas.

Some results of messing around last night you can see the NFS throughput 
is horrible on writes, but good on reads. CIFS is good on both.


I'll check the async status also when I get home tonight. And run some 
more tests.


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