[nycbug-talk] Nas4Free

Nick Danger nick at hackermonkey.com
Tue Mar 19 18:45:47 EDT 2013

On 03/19/2013 10:53 AM, Nick Danger wrote:
> On 03/19/2013 09:54 AM, Mark Saad wrote:
>> Nick
>>    What kinds of hardware are you using ? What is the Nas box, what
>> type of switch , and what are the Linux boxen? Can you send the list
>> the details and maybe the output from Lspci -lv and  pciconf -v would
>> be a good start.  Also can you confirm the nas has the correct
>> speed/duplex settings . This sounds like a network issue . IMHO.

Ok, what I am finding online is that loads of people are having similar 
issues. NFS and FreeBSD and ZFS are not happy all together. Which seems 


Most of the complaints seem to center around ZFS/NFS/Esxi or KVM, but no 
matter the last bit, the first two are the same. And it shouldn't matter 
of its ESX, KVM or just mounting some disks for space, it should work. I 
have not figured out how to change to nfs v4 and turn off async mostly 
because nas4free overwrites things you change in rc.conf when you 
reboot. How nice of it. I suppose thats what I get for installing a 
"take care of everything and give me a pretty gui" software, and then 
expecting it to let me much around in the bowels.  I'll poke around on 
the forums for nas4free tonight, but if I don't find a decent answer, I 
might just blow the thing away and redo it without ZFS and cheating 
'NAS' software distros :-) Or I could always switch to iSCSI since its 
only a single client mounting that data.



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