[talk] Brooklyn Micro Center...

George Neville-Neil gnn at neville-neil.com
Sat Apr 12 14:54:17 EDT 2014


This afternoon Kaz and I headed out to check out the new Micro Center in Brooklyn.
It’s easily reachable via th R train (25th or 36th St and then a 5-10 minute walk) and
they also seem to have free parking.

Short version is I’m thrilled we finally have something like this in NYC.

Longer version.  They have a really good “build your own PC” section with both low and high end
parts (Intel CPUs range from low power/cost i3 up through $500 XEON chips).  A good collection of
cases and the rest of the parts you’d expect to build a box from.  One of the nice things they do in this
section is have a board with their low price parts, and next to their price they list the NewEgg price
(usually a few dollars higher) for comparison.  I did not spot check their work but I thought it was amusing
as this is what people do in the store on their own anyway.

Their networking section has an entire aisle for wired switches and an aisle for wireless APs.
They have cables in various lengths, quality and color.

There are sections for laptops, and a Mac section, cases, and other various bits.

The highlight, for me, is the wall of “starter kits” which is really 30’ of wall space dedicated
to Arduino, RPi, BeagleBone and the like.  They even have the Intel Galileo.  The same wall
has capes, extenders, some resistors, LEDs, and robot kits.  Very very cool.

All the sections were well stocked and with good (not just cheap or low end) gear.

The only thing I looked for, and even asked about, which they didn’t have was 4K montiors.
They had 4K TVs (50” and up) but no 4K montiors.

They have a smattering of other consumer goods, such as cameras, but they seem to be
beside the point.

All in all a fun trip and I’ll be going back at some point, as soon as I have space for some new
toys in the house.



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