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Isaac (.ike) Levy ike at blackskyresearch.net
Sat Apr 12 18:59:11 EDT 2014

On Apr 12, 2014, at 2:54 PM, George Neville-Neil <gnn at neville-neil.com> wrote:

> Howdy,
> This afternoon Kaz and I headed out to check out the new Micro Center in Brooklyn.
> It’s easily reachable via th R train (25th or 36th St and then a 5-10 minute walk) and
> they also seem to have free parking.
> Short version is I’m thrilled we finally have something like this in NYC.
> Longer version.  They have a really good “build your own PC” section with both low and high end
> parts (Intel CPUs range from low power/cost i3 up through $500 XEON chips).  A good collection of
> cases and the rest of the parts you’d expect to build a box from.  One of the nice things they do in this
> section is have a board with their low price parts, and next to their price they list the NewEgg price
> (usually a few dollars higher) for comparison.  I did not spot check their work but I thought it was amusing
> as this is what people do in the store on their own anyway.
> Their networking section has an entire aisle for wired switches and an aisle for wireless APs.
> They have cables in various lengths, quality and color.
> There are sections for laptops, and a Mac section, cases, and other various bits.
> The highlight, for me, is the wall of “starter kits” which is really 30’ of wall space dedicated
> to Arduino, RPi, BeagleBone and the like.  They even have the Intel Galileo.  The same wall
> has capes, extenders, some resistors, LEDs, and robot kits.  Very very cool.
> All the sections were well stocked and with good (not just cheap or low end) gear.
> The only thing I looked for, and even asked about, which they didn’t have was 4K montiors.
> They had 4K TVs (50” and up) but no 4K montiors.
> They have a smattering of other consumer goods, such as cameras, but they seem to be
> beside the point.
> All in all a fun trip and I’ll be going back at some point, as soon as I have space for some new
> toys in the house.
> Later,
> George
> http://www.microcenter.com/site/stores/brooklyn.aspx

Thanks for posting this!  This is obviously very rad.

I'm thinking of heading out there to grab some stuff next Saturday afternoon, if some NYC*BUG folks want to join...  It's 30 minutes from Suspenders if anyone wants to meet me there?

Sat. Apr 19:
Meet at Suspenders around 1pm for a drink, leave at 2:00pm sharp to go to Micro Center by subway.

Anyone want to join me?


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