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> A followup,
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> Folks, Monday night in Tokyo was pretty amazing, I found a ton of parity between NYC*BUG and the FreeBSD Benkyokai Group.  Amazing hospitality, everyone was extremely warm and engaging.  Some FreeBSD and NetBSD committers were in attendance, and when I asked for a show of hands, about half the room used OpenBSD too.
> I presented an updated version of my last pfSense talk (NYC*BUG 2010), and gave update status on the Japanese UI translation project, (which is 80% complete, thanks to one serious volunteer...)  Then, I *totally butchered* George's 10 years of NYC*BUG talk, cramming it into 10 minutes.  Also brought in some ALIX boards loaded for live demos, and for people to mess around with- the boards were extremely popular...
> I posted my slides and notes online here:
> 90 minutes later, nobody was asleep :)  It was an excellent crowd, and a really good time.  Drinks and yakitori followed.
> There are small *BSD groups meeting like this ALL OVER JAPAN!  Seriously.  It's intense.  See y'all stateside soon!
> Rocket-
> .ike

That's Awesome Ike.

Safe journey!

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