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Wed Feb 19 10:45:20 EST 2014

Isaac (.ike) Levy:
> A followup,
> On Jan 15, 2014, at 2:19 AM, Isaac (.ike) Levy
> <ike at> wrote:

droped MK's rely... since he did some heavy <snip>...

>> Hi All,
>> For the new year, I started working on a pfSense Japanese
>> translation, and one thing led to another here...

Maybe you tell us more about that... separate thread.  There's more
bi/multilingual people on this list than most others.. .my guess.

Technical translations are a heavy project, and not just translation,
but I think Ike has some insight for others on this.

>> Just a quick heads up, for anyone who *might* be in Tokyo earlier
>> than AsiaBSDCon,
>> Tokyo FreeBSD Benkyokai Group, Feb. 17, 2014 "第26回 FreeBSD勉強会" 
>> "pfSense Practical Experiences: from home routers, to
>> High-Availability Datacenter Deployments" 
>> <>
>> Daichi Goto, a long time committer, organizes this meeting on a
>> regular basis.  While the talk will be about pfSense in various
>> contexts, I've also been asked to speak about NYC*BUG- and hope to
>> build some bridges between Tokyo and NYC!

That's great.  Japan has more BSD groups than anyone can imagine.  If
you transplanted them to NYC, there would be probably five or six in a
city like this.

Tokyo *is* a BSD city.

>> I'm REALLY looking foreword to learning more about what *BSD things
>> are happening in Tokyo, I'll be sure to report back to list...
>> Best, .ike
> Folks, Monday night in Tokyo was pretty amazing, I found a ton of
> parity between NYC*BUG and the FreeBSD Benkyokai Group.  Amazing
> hospitality, everyone was extremely warm and engaging.  Some FreeBSD
> and NetBSD committers were in attendance, and when I asked for a show
> of hands, about half the room used OpenBSD too.


> I presented an updated version of my last pfSense talk (NYC*BUG
> 2010), and gave update status on the Japanese UI translation project,
> (which is 80% complete, thanks to one serious volunteer...)  Then, I
> *totally butchered* George's 10 years of NYC*BUG talk, cramming it

So you took stew meat and turned it into mine meat... impressive!

> into 10 minutes.  Also brought in some ALIX boards loaded for live
> demos, and for people to mess around with- the boards were extremely
> popular...

You mentioned small embedded boards like Soekris aren't popular.  But
.jp is the land of serious gadgetry.  Are there other things people are
using?  What about RPi and similar boards?

> I posted my slides and notes online here: 
> 90 minutes later, nobody was asleep :)  It was an excellent crowd,
> and a really good time.  Drinks and yakitori followed.
> There are small *BSD groups meeting like this ALL OVER JAPAN!
> Seriously.  It's intense.  See y'all stateside soon!

I used to maintain before NYC*BUG started even.
There were a few dozen groups in .jp, including exclusively women's
groups, IIRC.  Dan, do you remember?  It was hosted by BCHosting who you
also used, right?

More details Ike would be great.. maybe more on attendee composition,
gender, work type, etc.


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