George Rosamond george at
Thu Mar 6 19:12:21 EST 2014

I brought up the inclusion of the option of tmpfs(5) in various FreeBSD
kernels where it doesn't currently (and oddly) exist such as for the
Raspberry Pi and now Alix boards.

I've been using tmpfs for a long while instead of md(4).  I haven't had
any issues when using for /var/log, /tmp or /var/tmp, but then I haven't
done any real stress-testing outside of 'cleaning' databases and related

FYI, Julio (who was there last night) ported it originally for NetBSD as
a GSoC project a long while ago.

My question is this, has anyone seen any drawbacks?

Also, I have tended to use it with a defined size instead of letting it
grow dynamically.  Does anyone know the differences in the impact of
setting it statically (like in /etc/fstab) or letting it grow dynamically?



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