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Looks like it's getting wider testing now:

I've had several machines using tmpfs... but those were DragonFly, and I
don't know how close the tmpfs implementations are.

On Thu, Mar 6, 2014 at 7:12 PM, George Rosamond <
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> I brought up the inclusion of the option of tmpfs(5) in various FreeBSD
> kernels where it doesn't currently (and oddly) exist such as for the
> Raspberry Pi and now Alix boards.
> I've been using tmpfs for a long while instead of md(4).  I haven't had
> any issues when using for /var/log, /tmp or /var/tmp, but then I haven't
> done any real stress-testing outside of 'cleaning' databases and related
> stuff.
> FYI, Julio (who was there last night) ported it originally for NetBSD as
> a GSoC project a long while ago.
> My question is this, has anyone seen any drawbacks?
> Also, I have tended to use it with a defined size instead of letting it
> grow dynamically.  Does anyone know the differences in the impact of
> setting it statically (like in /etc/fstab) or letting it grow dynamically?
> thanks
> g
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