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On Mar 14, 2014, at 2:08 PM, Pete Wright wrote:

> also i remember back in the day con edison pretty much had every
> building outfitted with dark fiber, but i think they got out of the
> comms business a while ago.

The network still exists, and other than a major issue with a
spanning tree meltdown a few months back, it's been rock-solid -
we're a layer 2 customer and we sell tail circuits through them.
Detailed and well in advance notices of service-impacting and
non-service-impacting maintenance, a very responsive NOC, and in
most places a point of entry to the building that's on the opposite
end of the telco stuff which is nice since backhoes avoid power
lines better than telco lines.  Sandy had no impact except for one
unique location where we had a VZ tail circuit and something got wet
that shouldn't have.

Sidera was really big into the financial firms, and had some very
high-priced offerings where they'd shave a few milliseconds or
microseconds off the route.  We obviously don't bother with those
services, but we do share in the benefits when they're making
hardware decisions.  I see no evidence they grossly oversell any of
the layer 2 services we buy.

If I remember correctly, the chain of ownership goes like this:

ConEd -> RCN -> Sidera -> Lightower (merger?)

I can't speak about their IP transit services, we don't use them.
We are legacy Level3 and Hurricane, with Level3 being preferred.  We
also get IPv6 transit from both upstreams.  We are Cogent-free (with
good reason).


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