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Mark Saad mark.saad at ymail.com
Fri Mar 14 17:41:49 EDT 2014

> On Mar 14, 2014, at 3:56 PM, Charles Sprickman <spork at bway.net> wrote:
>> On Mar 14, 2014, at 2:08 PM, Pete Wright wrote:
>> also i remember back in the day con edison pretty much had every
>> building outfitted with dark fiber, but i think they got out of the
>> comms business a while ago.
> The network still exists, and other than a major issue with a
> spanning tree meltdown a few months back, it's been rock-solid -
> we're a layer 2 customer and we sell tail circuits through them.
> Detailed and well in advance notices of service-impacting and
> non-service-impacting maintenance, a very responsive NOC, and in
> most places a point of entry to the building that's on the opposite
> end of the telco stuff which is nice since backhoes avoid power
> lines better than telco lines.  Sandy had no impact except for one
> unique location where we had a VZ tail circuit and something got wet
> that shouldn't have.
> Sidera was really big into the financial firms, and had some very
> high-priced offerings where they'd shave a few milliseconds or
> microseconds off the route.  We obviously don't bother with those
> services, but we do share in the benefits when they're making
> hardware decisions.  I see no evidence they grossly oversell any of
> the layer 2 services we buy.
> If I remember correctly, the chain of ownership goes like this:
> ConEd -> RCN -> Sidera -> Lightower (merger?)
 Coned CEC merged with RCN , RCN metro networks split from RCN and merged with another transit provider and became Sidera . Sidera merged with Lightower .  I work in a lightower facility , as a customer .  

> I can't speak about their IP transit services, we don't use them.
> We are legacy Level3 and Hurricane, with Level3 being preferred.  We
> also get IPv6 transit from both upstreams.  We are Cogent-free (with
> good reason).
> Charles
>> -pete

At $WORK we use two sets of mux'd ds3 and t1 links . The sets are from cogent and Verizon iirc it's  20 t1 mux'd to one 100m ethernet handoff and for the ds3's it's 4 mux'd into a gig ethernet handoff .  Verizon took a while To get it up and running . Cogent was faster but had to use verizon for in building handoffs . We also have a private point to point fiber set from lightower and they have been good at making things happen , however we do not use them for ip services . 

So what's it like : It's good enough that the c levels down to everyone but network operations  likes the speed and reliability . I have no idea what the cost is but we have fairly deep pockets .


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