[talk] the next con: some thoughts (1 of 2)

George Rosamond george at ceetonetechnology.com
Thu Aug 13 10:03:04 EDT 2015

Informally, there has been a lot of discussions about our next
NYCBSDCon. Normally, this type of discussion would start on admin@, but
we need to break that routine.

Conferences are lot of work, and that needs to be understood. It's
essentially a second (uncompensated) job to carry for a number of
people, and it's exhausting.  Yes, the rewards are great, and we are
proud of what we've done, but that point needs to be comprehended.

On that note, the last one in February 2014 was easier than in the past
for a few reasons. A lot of people took on responsibility for the event.
In particular, Patrick M and Mike N completely dealt with a/v to the
extent that everyone else was out of the loop.  Additionally, doing a
day-long event focused on the NYC area, and avoiding the hassles of
coordinating hotels, etc., was an enormous relief.

So arrive today in August 2015.  It's been a year and a half since our
last con.

There are a few spots I've looked at recently that could be ideal. And
yesterday, I looked at a new space at 150 Broadway that just opened
called LMHQ, which is one of those privately funded startup/hangout tech
spaces.  NYI is a founding member, and they are happy to enable us to
use the space.

LMHQ's main area fits up to 140 people with two screens, plus has a
bunch of conference rooms.  It's an ideal spot and right next to the new
Fulton Street station downtown.

At this point, it's worth considering something, say, at the end of
February, assuming all the pieces can move into place.  That includes a
lot of people engaged in making it happen and taking responsibility for
it as in the past.

The next email will be about content...


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