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> Informally, there has been a lot of discussions about our next
> NYCBSDCon. Normally, this type of discussion would start on admin@, but
> we need to break that routine.
> Conferences are lot of work, and that needs to be understood. It's
> essentially a second (uncompensated) job to carry for a number of
> people, and it's exhausting.  Yes, the rewards are great, and we are
> proud of what we've done, but that point needs to be comprehended.
> On that note, the last one in February 2014 was easier than in the past
> for a few reasons. A lot of people took on responsibility for the event.
> In particular, Patrick M and Mike N completely dealt with a/v to the
> extent that everyone else was out of the loop.  Additionally, doing a
> day-long event focused on the NYC area, and avoiding the hassles of
> coordinating hotels, etc., was an enormous relief.
> So arrive today in August 2015.  It's been a year and a half since our
> last con.
> There are a few spots I've looked at recently that could be ideal. And
> yesterday, I looked at a new space at 150 Broadway that just opened
> called LMHQ, which is one of those privately funded startup/hangout tech
> spaces.  NYI is a founding member, and they are happy to enable us to
> use the space.
> LMHQ's main area fits up to 140 people with two screens, plus has a
> bunch of conference rooms.  It's an ideal spot and right next to the new
> Fulton Street station downtown.
> At this point, it's worth considering something, say, at the end of
> February, assuming all the pieces can move into place.  That includes a
> lot of people engaged in making it happen and taking responsibility for
> it as in the past.
> The next email will be about content...
> g
At the last code-a-thon I co-ran, I meet someone from Grand Central Tech [
http://www.grandcentraltech.com/ ] who said their space was open for big
events. I'm not sure if they have one space that can hold 140 people, but I
don't mind asking. Let me know if you want me to reach out.

If not, let me know when the kickoff cool-beverage session, I mean planning
session will be, and I'll commit to something else that needs to be done to
make this happen.

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