[talk] Anyone have a USB TRNG they want to work under OpenBSD?

attila attila at stalphonsos.com
Thu Aug 13 15:20:12 EDT 2015

Back in April I wrote an OpenBSD driver for the Alea II USB TRNG:
It was committed to the tree 16 April:

As of now if you plug one of those into an OpenBSD box running a
reasonably recent version of OpenBSD the system entropy pool will be
seeded by the TRNG.

I would like to continue to do this, so that eventually you can plug
any cheap(?), reasonably available USB TRNG into an OpenBSD box (say,
a busy Tor relay) and have Good Things Happen.

Does anyone out there in NYC*BUG land have a TrueRNG, OneRNG or other
TRNG that you can actually procure without too much hassle who would
be willing to help me do this?  I did the Alea II first because the
developer/vendor is a friend of mine and he sent me one for free.  I
live in a place where it's difficult to get this kind of thing, but if
you want to send it to me I promise to send it back.  OTOH, I was
thinking I could also do it remotely if someone with a device was
willing to collaborate...

Pax, -A
http://trac.haqistan.net | attila at stalphonsos.com | 0xE6CC1EDB

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