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Pete Wright pete at nomadlogic.org
Thu Aug 13 18:44:33 EDT 2015

On 08/13/15 15:29, George Rosamond wrote:
> Pete Wright:
>> On 08/13/15 07:27, George Rosamond wrote:
>>> February 2014's con was focused on the "BSDs in Production" and was
>>> themed broad enough to allow us to choose content while feeling
>>> consistent :)
>>> And like last con, our audience is not the BSD scene local and remote,
>>> but rather the non-BSD people in the metropolitan area. No one can take
>>> anything away from the current BSDCons' importance, but we are doing
>>> something different here, again. Our con is not an opportunity for the
>>> 'usual suspects' to meet at different cities around the world. Rather,
>>> our con is about talking to the broader community around NYC.
>> <snip>
>>> Finally, as always, we are going to work hard to keep the event as "BSD
>>> agnostic" as possible. All the BSDs should be represented, but also
>>> having more general speakers not tied to one project or another is a
>>> positive.
>>> Anyways, please feel free to jump into this topic.
>> i think having a discussion about visualization in general may be a good
>> topic.  there is ton's of exciting *BSD specific and non-*BSD activity
>> going on in this area currently.  of the top of my head:
> Definitely... this has come up before as a con theme, and it means we
> talk to that broad 20-something audience that's missing what an OS even
> is, much less Unix.
>> 1) bhyve
>> 2) netbsd and xen still doing tons of interesting stuff (see recent
>> articles about netbsd rump kernels triggering peoples interest in using
>> it on VM stacks)
> yes... we tried to get a rump talk a while ago.
>> 3) openstack (self hosted AWS style clouds)
>> 4) docker, or how i pretended to invent chroot and jails without any of
>> the security benefits and now all i got is this hipster mustache and
>> cool logo and i'm not really bitter...
>> -- in all seriousness - docker can't really be ignored and there is some
>> dev work going into supporting freebsd in the docker ecosystem for
>> better or worse.
> OMFG.  You should write publicity materials... for like, Anonymous.
>> i'm sure there is much more on this topic as well that can be added....
>> gman - is the idea to have one theme rule the day, or try to get enough
>> speakers to have two tracks?
> We kept to one track to not only make it easier to manage, but also to
> force people to hear talks they wouldn't necessarily attend.  And it
> allows us to keep one clear theme.
> (These are all my opinions, and not some consensus on admin@, nyc*bug,
> or any of our parent investors, holding companies, and whatevers.  I may
> or may not own stock in OpenSSL or LibreSSL if it was even offered.
> It's all open to debate.)

sweet - thanks for the clarification gman!

like you i have a semi-vested interest in the virtualization stuff as
i'm a beastie in a sea of penguins at my $JOB.  having said that i am
making inroads via various virtualization efforts to get wider use of
non-linux systems (as both guests and hypervisors).


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