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George Rosamond george at ceetonetechnology.com
Thu Aug 13 18:29:41 EDT 2015

Pete Wright:
> On 08/13/15 07:27, George Rosamond wrote:
>> February 2014's con was focused on the "BSDs in Production" and was
>> themed broad enough to allow us to choose content while feeling
>> consistent :)
>> And like last con, our audience is not the BSD scene local and remote,
>> but rather the non-BSD people in the metropolitan area. No one can take
>> anything away from the current BSDCons' importance, but we are doing
>> something different here, again. Our con is not an opportunity for the
>> 'usual suspects' to meet at different cities around the world. Rather,
>> our con is about talking to the broader community around NYC.
> <snip>
>> Finally, as always, we are going to work hard to keep the event as "BSD
>> agnostic" as possible. All the BSDs should be represented, but also
>> having more general speakers not tied to one project or another is a
>> positive.
>> Anyways, please feel free to jump into this topic.
> i think having a discussion about visualization in general may be a good
> topic.  there is ton's of exciting *BSD specific and non-*BSD activity
> going on in this area currently.  of the top of my head:

Definitely... this has come up before as a con theme, and it means we
talk to that broad 20-something audience that's missing what an OS even
is, much less Unix.

> 1) bhyve
> 2) netbsd and xen still doing tons of interesting stuff (see recent
> articles about netbsd rump kernels triggering peoples interest in using
> it on VM stacks)

yes... we tried to get a rump talk a while ago.

> 3) openstack (self hosted AWS style clouds)
> 4) docker, or how i pretended to invent chroot and jails without any of
> the security benefits and now all i got is this hipster mustache and
> cool logo and i'm not really bitter...
> -- in all seriousness - docker can't really be ignored and there is some
> dev work going into supporting freebsd in the docker ecosystem for
> better or worse.

OMFG.  You should write publicity materials... for like, Anonymous.

> i'm sure there is much more on this topic as well that can be added....
> gman - is the idea to have one theme rule the day, or try to get enough
> speakers to have two tracks?

We kept to one track to not only make it easier to manage, but also to
force people to hear talks they wouldn't necessarily attend.  And it
allows us to keep one clear theme.

(These are all my opinions, and not some consensus on admin@, nyc*bug,
or any of our parent investors, holding companies, and whatevers.  I may
or may not own stock in OpenSSL or LibreSSL if it was even offered.
It's all open to debate.)


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