[talk] Climate Mirror

Brian Cully bcully at gmail.com
Wed Dec 14 14:51:24 EST 2016

> On 14-Dec-2016, at 14:44, Thomas Levine <_ at thomaslevine.com> wrote:
> Regarding my speculation about the utility of this project: I will be
> very disturbed if people haven't already been mirroring the data, so I
> am puzzled as to why a potentially enormous change in government policy
> should make the mirroring into a pressing issue.

	Welcome to acedemia. Backups for large datasets are often non-existant for all kinds of reasons, and tend to be low on the list of concerns for harried researchers who have to spend most of their time running a lab, teaching, conferences, and applying for grants in order to keep their facilities afloat.


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